How To Take Care of Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great substitute for eyeglasses as they help you rectify your vision related problems without having to have glasses on. Though there are many advantages in using contact lenses, this option brings its own set of responsibilities. Before you start using your contact lenses you should learn how to take care of contact lenses. Carelessness shown towards the maintenance of your contact lenses will affect the health of your eyes. Here are few important tips on contact lens care that will help you take good care of your contact lenses.

One of the major concerns while using contact lenses is hygiene. You can never compromise on this factor because oversight on this factor can result in unnecessary health related complications. It is always recommended to wash your hands with clean water before handling your contact lens. In case you are using any cleansing lotion make sure that you wash your hands properly with adequate water so that no residues of the chemical cleansers are left behind. If your contact lenses come in contact with such chemical residues, it can cause eye irritation and reddening of the eye.

Use only approved disinfection products to clean your contact lenses. It is best to get suitable recommendations from your St Louis optometrist as you may not be aware of the best disinfectants available. Also it is important to use the right disinfectants as there are different types of contact lenses, you should choose only the products compatible with your contact lenses. Do not choose your contact lens disinfectants randomly. Always have adequate supply of cleansing agents so that you are not forced to use your contact lenses without adequate protection just because you are out of supply. It is not enough that you regularly disinfect your contact lenses but it is very important to clean your contact lens cases as well. Always store your contact lens case in a clean place that is free from dirt and dust.

If you succumb to any eye related problems it is important to tell your optometrist that you are using contact lenses so that they will exercise caution while prescribing eye drops for you.

In case you happen to develop symptoms such as eye irritation, excessive watering, reddening and if these prolong for unreasonable periods, consult your Chesterfield optometrist immediately.

You should give top priority to your contact lens care. Even if you have the most tiring day, you should remember to remove your contact lenses carefully and store it carefully in the contact lens case.

Always read the instructions on contact lens care that come with your contact lens. If required store it in a safe place. It is important to follow these instructions because general contact lens care may not be sufficient for the type of contact lens that you have chosen. Certain special types of contact lenses require special care and you will have to make sure to take adequate care of your contact lens as recommended by the company and by your optometrist.

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