What Are Cataracts?


Cataracts are one of the most common eye care problems in people that are over forty. A clouding with varied levels of opacity is developed in the lens capsule of eyes forming a cataract. This clouding blocks the passage of light and obstructs vision. Cataracts normally affect both eyes and the development of the cataracts takes place very slowly affecting the quality of the vision gradually. If cataracts are not treated in its early stages, it can potentially cause blindness.

Having a clear understanding of what is cataract and knowing more about cataracts will aid in getting right help at the right time. Cataracts always start small and you will not be able to notice any difference in your vision until the cataract grows into considerable size. One of the most striking symptoms of cataracts is blurred vision. Also cataracts increase glare, sun light and other lights will look too bright causing glare making you close your eyes or squint your eyes.

With aging, the proteins in the lens of the eyes form a cluster and thereby clouding the lens. With time this cluster increases in size obstructing your vision. One of the possible causes for the formation of the cataracts is exposure to ultraviolet rays in the sunlight. Diabetes and hypertension are also other associated causes. There are three types of cataracts namely nuclear cataract, cortical cataract and subcapsular cataract. Lots of researches are underway to understand this condition better and to come up with preventions.

One of the greatest consolations for people suffering from cataracts is that it can be removed surgically at any stage without much complications retrieving complete vision. Surgical removal of cataracts is a very common treatment method. First you should get an appointment from a reputed St Peters cataracts specialist. We will examine you thoroughly and establish that the condition you are suffering is cataract. Your St Peters or your St Louis cataracts expert will help you understand what is cataract and help you know more about cataracts so that you can make well informed decisions on the treatment options. He or she will also help you decide when you should go through the cataracts removal surgery. Your eye specialist in Chesterfield will also provide you with an interim solutions to the problem and teach you how to manage the condition until you are ready to undergo the cataracts removal surgery. Based on your specific condition, along with the help of your eye specialist you should decide whether you need a surgery or whether you will be able to cope without a surgery. At times the size of the cataracts does not progressively increase but the growth of cataract stops after a certain time. In such cases surgery may not be necessary. You should therefore meet an experienced eye doctor to make right decisions regarding your cataracts surgery. It is important that you get professional guidance and not make random decision on your cataracts removal surgery. Always follow the post surgical instructions given by your eye doctor for a faster recovery.

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