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At Cunningham Vision Care, we know going from glasses to contact lenses or choosing contacts for the first time is a big decision and you may feel some apprehension. That’s perfectly normal! We are known for putting our patients at ease when choosing, wearing, and maintaining their contact lenses.

Our expert optometrists are patient and precise in order to ensure you get the best contact lenses while making it a positive experience. And the best part – we have a huge inventory! That allows you to leave our office with your new contact lenses and all the supplies to start seeing better right away!

Where to Begin?

The eye care industry is flooded with numerous types, brands, and technologies of contact lenses. That’s why it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed with the hundreds of options before you. A Cunningham Vision Care optometrist can assist you in choosing the right type of contact lenses for your vision needs while making the entire process stress-free.

What to Consider When Selecting Contact Lenses

Once your eye doctor determines which type of contact lens is best suited for your needs, we will assist you with the specifics for not only optimal vision, but also for your budget. You may have several options so we recommend taking the following factors into consideration when deciding which lens to choose.


One of the most common mistakes made when choosing contact lenses is to decide based on price. While price plays a major role in deciding, it’s best to base your decision on having the clearest eyesight and the most comfortable lens first. However, there is no harm in comparing costs between various types of contact lenses.

contact lens with eye chart mdDurability

Durability of contact lenses is a very important factor. We will review each type with you closely and help you decide based on your needs.


Comfort is yet another crucial area of concern when choosing contact lenses. If the contact lenses you choose are not comfortable to wear, irritation and reddening of the eye can occur. At Cunningham Vision Care, we will fit you with the most comfortable contact lenses that allow you to adapt rather quickly.

Daily Use & Schedule

Do you work long hours and want extended wear capabilities? Maybe you have an astigmatism or bifocals? Whatever your individual lifestyle and vision needs require, we have a contact lens solution! We stock hundreds of choices so we can get just the right fit for you.

  • In certain instances, we may want you to use your new contact lenses for extended periods to enhance your results. We will help you choose lenses that can be worn for longer periods without having to be removed.
  • If you don’t want to be bothered with regular cleaning and maintenance issues, you can go for daily disposable contact lenses. In this case, we’ll make sure we stock the disposable lenses you are planning to use so you don’t face difficulties when you need more.
  • It is also vital that you choose contact lenses that are easy to handle. Wearing and cleaning your contact lenses is something you will have to do daily. They should not become a source of frustration every morning and night; we can help you check this option off your list.

2 Locations to Serve You

Cunningham Vision Care has two convenient locations to serve you! Our Chesterfield and St. Charles area locations have wonderful, experienced optometrists ready to help you with a large inventory of contact lenses. And we have extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience. Why wait to start seeing clearly and comfortably? Contact us or call for your contact lens appointment today!

Your Vision Is Our Mission!