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One of the questions parents have when dealing with their children’s vision problems is whether to choose eyeglasses or pediatric contact lenses. There is a common misconception that contact lenses are for adults only. This is totally incorrect; contact lenses are equally effective and safe for kids as well. Cunningham Vision Care has a strong team of caring optometrists who can answer your questions and help you feel more comfortable with pediatric contact lenses. We are experts at fitting kids with the most comfortable, easy-to-care-for contact lenses.

The Many Advantages

  • The first advantage that comes to every parent’s mind is safety. As long as correct pediatric contact lenses are prescribed, it is a very safe option.
  • Children can break their eyeglasses and frames easily when they play and when they fall; this can be highly dangerous. To avoid putting their kids in a precarious situation many parents opt for pediatric contact lenses.
  • Contact lenses for kids are ideal for sports and physical activities. Your child’s talents and skills need not be hampered because of his or her vision problems. At Cunningham Vision Care, we have found that every single sport has been enhanced with contact lens wear.
  • In many cases, children see better and their vision loss may slow down with the use of contact lenses. That means their eyes will able to focus better at school, while doing their homework, and in extra-curricular activities.
  • Ortho-k contact lenses can change your kid’s near-sightedness while they sleep and potentially eliminate future vision loss

happy teen girl with contactsThe Right Optometrist Matters

When you decide to put your child in pediatric contact lenses, it is vital to see an optometrist with children’s contact lens experience; a poor fit can cause irritation, incorrect vision, and a lack of desire to wear them. At Cunningham Vision Care, our expertise with contact lenses for kids is second-to-none! We love working with children and enjoy the rewards of having them see clearly. We ensure a proper comfortable fit so your child will want to wear them and take care of them. Our large inventory of pediatric contact lenses and supplies simplifies it even more so you can leave with everything you need.

The most important aspect of a child with contact lenses is hygiene. We fully train your child on how to care for their new lenses and overcome the major challenge of contact lens maintenance. We teach him or her how to handle their contact lenses in a highly hygienic way so that they aren’t vulnerable to infections. We stress the importance and consequences of dirty hands and dirty contacts.

At Cunningham Vision Care, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to meet the needs and expectations of our patients and their children. There is no time limit on helping you; we spend as long as it takes with each patient.

2 Convenient Contact Lens Locations

Timely attention to your child’s vision will prevent further vision loss and the problems associated with it. Contact Cunningham Vision Care today!  Our Chesterfield and St. Charles area optometrists offer a fun, no-hassle children’s eye exam and pediatric contact lens consultation. We also have extended evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. We can’t wait to meet you and see your child on the road to healthy, improved eyesight.  

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