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Have you ever been tested for glaucoma? If you are not sure, set up an appointment with one of our caring optometrists at Cunningham Vision Care in Chesterfield and St. Peters and let us put your mind at ease. We perform glaucoma testing at every annual eye exam; it is critically important to catch it early.

Glaucoma is an eye condition resulting from an increase of internal eye pressure or “intraocular” pressure. When the intraocular pressure increases, it can damage the optic nerve resulting in loss of peripheral vision and potentially total blindness. Though Glaucoma is one of the most common eye diseases, there’s no cause for alarm if you’re symptomatic. It is best to see one of our eye doctors for a proper diagnosis and glaucoma vision treatment.

Types of Glaucoma

Within the following glaucoma types listed, there are subcategories. Your eye doctor can go into greater detail if you are indeed diagnosed with a form of this eye disease.

  • Open angle glaucoma – unfortunately, with this type of glaucoma, the symptoms are unnoticeable until a considerable amount of damage is done. Because open angle glaucoma doesn’t cause any pain, you may not notice any problems before the optic nerve is damaged.
  • Acute angle glaucoma ­– also known as angle closure glaucoma. This condition is known by the sudden onset of symptoms such as blurry vision, nausea, acute pain, and vomiting. If you develop such symptoms, rush to one of Cunningham Vision Care’s 2 locations in either Chesterfield or the St Charles area, or the go to ER. Please take this seriously and report immediately to protect yourself from permanent vision loss or blindness.
  • Congenital glaucoma – as the term suggests, this condition is present right from birth and is due to abnormal development of the eye.
  • Secondary glaucoma – can be caused by certain types of drugs such as corticosteroids or to systemic diseases.

Glaucoma Test

We test the pressure in your eyes with a tonometer that delivers a tiny puff of air. It only takes a split-second and is painless. If you regularly see your eye doctor at Cunningham Vision Care, this glaucoma test will be performed at every annual eye exam.

eye exam 2Glaucoma Vision Treatment

Glaucoma vision treatments can involve glaucoma surgery, lasers or medication, depending on the severity. In most cases, eye drops with medication aimed at lowering your eye pressure are tried first to control your glaucoma.

Because glaucoma is typically painless, you may become careless about strict use of the prescribed eye drops…please DO NOT stop using your eye drops for any reason. They are controlling your eye pressure and preventing permanent eye damage. In fact, one of the reasons glaucoma causes blindness is because patients stop following their vision treatment plan. If you find the eye drops uncomfortable or inconvenient, we can discuss a possible alternative therapy.

26 Years in Your Community

Regardless of the type of glaucoma, all require immediate medical attention. Cunningham Vision Care offices in Chesterfield and the St. Charles area are open 7 days a week, with evening hours for your convenience and in case of emergency. We have state-of-the-art equipment that gives us very clear eye health results. With over 26 years in the community, our optometrists are here to care for you and help you find your way through this tough diagnosis. Contact us today to schedule your eye exam.

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