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Is your child struggling at school? Do you notice unusual clumsiness or a lack of concentration when reading? These issues can be attributed ADHD, ADD and vision problems. Poor attention and letter reversals are two of the many symptoms displayed by children with learning disabilities. Others often include poor comprehension, poor hand eye coordination, working slowly, losing place while reading, and poor memory.

Cunningham Vision Care, in Chesterfield and the St. Charles area, has over 26 years working with children and parents to test, diagnose, and treat childhood vision issues. We can be the solution! Unless your child's learning problems are addressed, they may affect his or her self-esteem, behavior, and ultimately reduce potential learning capacity by as much as 75%.

Visual Field Test Performed On a BoyWhat is Vision Therapy?

Pediatric Vision Therapy is a remarkable natural treatment that attacks the causes of learning disabilities, such as vision issues, ADHD and ADD, and dramatically improves a child’s aptitudes and speed of learning. When deficient processing skills exist, a specialized ten-week program is developed by a professional therapist who conducts very intense and carefully sequenced one-on-one activities. These activities strengthen your child’s skills required for accurate and efficient learning.

To identify kids who would benefit from this program, a comprehensive screening test is performed. Our pediatric eye doctors at Cunningham Vision Care have experience with this test; it is available at either our Chesterfield or St. Charles area locations.

Vision Therapy Success

At the end of her son’s ten-week pediatric vision therapy program, one mother commented, "I cannot believe the complete change for the better I see in my son. He now reads everything he sees where before I couldn’t get him to read a thing. We would struggle together for hours every night trying to get through homework. Now he comes home with 100's...He is more confident in everything he does."

Another mother excitedly remarked, "Our daughter has displayed more awareness of the world around her without becoming involved in distractions. She feels that she is achieving, and is proud of her accomplishments."
Results like these from the vision therapy program are normal; an average improvement of 3.1 years is typical for visual processing skills and 4.6 years for concentration.

Symptoms & Checklists

If you think your child might be affected by a vision issue that’s impairing his or her ability to learn and function, review the following items.

Appearance of Eyes

  • Reddened eyes or lids
  • Eyes tear often
  • Encrusted eyelids
  • Frequent styes on lids

Complaints When Using Eyes

  • Headaches
  • Burning eyes
  • Itching eyes
  • Nausea after reading
  • Blurry print
  • Double vision
  • Words jump on the page

Teacher’s Observations When Student Reads

  • Head movement
  • Loses place often
  • Needs finger to keep place
  • Omits words frequently
  • Re-reads lines
  • Skips lines
  • Short attention span
  • Fails to recognize some words
  • Confuses similar words
  • Easily distracted

When Student Writes

  • Writes up or downhill
  • Repeats letters within words
  • Omits letters, numbers or phrases
  • Misaligns digits
  • Covers one eye
  • Tilts head
  • Fails to visualize
  • Writing poorly spaced or crooked
  • Fails to recognize same word when repeated in text
  • Makes mistakes when copying from chalkboard
  • Unable to stay on ruled lines
  • Poor placement of words on page

Other Problems

  • Must feel things to understand
  • Repeatedly confuses right and left
  • Difficulty with similarities and differences
  • Avoids desk work
  • Blinks, squints, rubs eyes
  • Fatigues easily

If you said yes to several symptoms listed above, please contact us or call right away to schedule a screening appointment with one of our pediatric eye doctors. It is never a bad time or too late to have your child’s vision tested. Regular eye exams lead to healthy eyes and healthy learning for a lifetime. Cunningham Vision Care has evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

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