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Vision care insurance is a special type of insurance dedicated to eye-care. It covers expenses like regular eye checkup, eyeglasses or lenses, and diagnosis and treatment of common eye disease, and even eye surgery, depending on the plan you chose.

Who needs vision care insurance?

Everyone – because regular eye exam is for every adult regardless of age and gender. But there are people who are more likely to have vision problems and, thus, are more in need of insurance. You should apply for vision insurance if you: 

  1. Have a family history of vision problems
  2. Are in a high-risk population group like being a diabetic patient
  3. Are over forty years old
  4. Have too much exposure to light
  5. Smoke or drink alcohol regularly

Why does your vision need to get insured?

Your eyes are among the most important organs of your body. You should take good care of them, the way you care for other organs. But normal health insurance does not cover expenses of eye care and thus, you need a special vision-care insurance to cover the cost of visits to the optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Also, a good quality pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses can cost over $100, and you can get good discounts on them if you have vision care insurance. 

Summer piggy bank with sunglasses on the beachHow does Vision Care Insurance work?

Getting vision care insurance is similar to getting regular healthcare insurance, and many of the steps are the same. Don’t avoid vision care insurance just because you think it’s too complicated because with vision insurance you can get many benefits. We have simplified the process for you here:

Step 1: There are many types of vision care insurance and they offer multiple packages. The first step towards getting vision care insurance is to know what you need insurance for. Decide whether you need insurance for regular check-ups only or if you want insurance that will cover treatment of eye diseases and eye surgery as well.

Step 2: Some insurance companies have a defined network of service providers so if you want to get your service from a specific provider, make sure to ask them about the insurance they accept. Confirm that the insurance policy’s provider network has an optometrist near your house, for emergency visits. Please ask us for the insurance plans we accept.

Step 3: Once you have a clear idea of what you want to see in your insurance policy, calculate the annual expenses of you vision care services. Look for the insurance policy whose annual cost remain closest to your expenses.

Step 4: By now you would know the insurance policy you want. Read through all the policy details so to avoid surprises after you have signed up for the policy. Talk to the insurance policy provider at length.

Step 5: After signing up for the policy, keep the documentation you need to provide handy while visiting the eye clinic. The best way to avoid any delay is to call your optometrist office before visiting to confirm the paperwork you need to have before getting the required medical exam or treatment.

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